Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Cool: Bad Review; Great Recommendation

I received, ironically (or perhaps fittingly) a bad review and the best recommendation for Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story within hours of each other. The bad review was accurate. The book is filthy and silly and adolescent.

And it really didn't hurt.

There is more than one restaurant out there because there are different tastes and the same with authors. I originally had dedicated Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story to Lawrence Sterne because I love The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy and Mr. Sterne showed me you can be fucking goofy as hell and still write a cogent and viable novel.

A lovely lesson learned at a young age.

But I ended up dedicating it to Chris Grayson, a dear friend from Talequah, OK (with whom I'd started a production company to sell and produce my screenplays) who died way too young and with far too many unrealized dreams.

That's a different story for a different time.

So I posted on the reviewer's blog a nice and heartfelt thank you note because I mean it. I'm a writer, you read my book: Thank You Thank You Thank You .

That’s the bad review. The best recommendation requires a set-up:

My boss (at the restaurant where I work) is married to my co-worker at the same restaurant. They are an energetic, funny, vibrant couple who are committed to the environment. They homesteaded a tract of land (their dream) and have made it sustainable—they are off the grid and do with solar—and their garden recycles and mulches and utilizes material that was known as "garbage" when I was growing up. (But then, I'm so old the "homeless" were then called "bums": And eggs and bacon and sunshine were good for you...)

At the restaurant we employ a cycle of bussers who attend the local high school and move on to college and a better life. My boss and his wife employ, after these bussers are done with their restaurant careers but before they begin their professional careers as "grunt" labor on their homestead. I say "grunt" in quotes because these boys&girls are smart and talented and attend UCSB, SSU, UCSD, or Cal Poly SLO.

I was told that, last weekend, two of these bussers (both who will graduate with honors) were up on the homestead with shovels in their hands. But while they were digging they were whipping out their cellphones to use as calculators and were assessing slope and runoff and, basically, working as surveyors.

So after the day’s work is done a meal is cooked and wine is consumed and no one drives home. Sleeping bags were rolled out and my boss' wife decides to open a copy of Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story and read the 23 year old boys a bedtime story.

I was told they giggled.

I don't care how many copies Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story sells.

I don’t care how many reviews—good or bad—it engenders.

It made two smart 20-somethings giggle when their surrogate momma read it to them as a bedtime story.

Success at last!

Check out a good review of (and a fun site) Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story here: http://www.frellathon.com/2011/10/teenaged-pussies-from-outer-space.html

Purchase a copy of Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story (for 99 freaking cents) here: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/robloughranbooks

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