Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blogpost #35 "A Republican Fable"

          “Mother,” said fourth-grade Johnny, “may I please have five-dollars to buy some candy?”
          “What happened to the five-dollar allowance I give you every Friday night?”
          “I’ve been giving it to the homeless man in the park.”
          Mother is touched. “I’m proud of you, Johnny. Sharing and caring for other people. But homeless people are part of the forty-seven percent that expect a handout—”  
          “Just like Mister Romney said on television!”
          “Yes. And that forty-seven percent voted against Mister Romney and that’s why he lost.”
          “But my teacher said Romney lost by more than that. She said it was practically a landslide.”
          “The election was stolen, Johnny. God and White America wanted Mitt and, and—” Mother wiped away a tear. “But back to your problem. You can’t give away anything to the filthy forty-seven percent. They have to sink down so far into the gutter that they’ll be thankful for any type of labor; for any wage whatsoever. They don’t need charity. They need jobs.”
          “But the homeless guy at the park—”  
          “Yes Johnny?”
          “—that I give my money to?”
          “Yes Johnny?”
          “He has a job.”
          “Really? What does he do?”
          “For five-dollars, every Saturday morning,” said Johnny, “he sucks my cock.”

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