Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures of an e-Book Bookie, 20: I've Been Banned From Facebook!

Facebook is my “whore’s bicycle” and I can’t ride it for four days.

Yes, I’ve been banned from Facebook.

I’m currently serving a four-day sentence.

Last night, whilst trolling the site, I received a message informing me of the ban. When I told my wife this morning, Penny said, “I warned you about those dead baby jokes.”

“No dead baby jokes.”

“Dirty Johnny? 69? Helen Keller? Special Olympics?”

“No jokes.”

Penny put down her coffee and looked at me, “How do you manage to get banned from Facebook?”

Apparently you click on a shitload of people to “friend” within a given time period and the MAN SHUTS YOU DOWN. I was trolling lists of friends-of-friends trying to pad my list of friends. I use the “social media” (“...” indicating belittling sarcasm) as a way to toot-my-horn and publicize my books.


And I was clicking away like a chimpanzee in a 1970s Sociology experiment—doing exactly what the scientists wanted me to—and hoping for some cashews or a banana and I got banned from friend-fishing for four days.

Yes, I’m doing hard time in Windsor, CA: Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen...


Why did the whore buy a bicycle?

So she could peddle it all over town


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